BC Garn Semilla pura  Naturmeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura  Naturmeliert

BC Garn Semilla pura Naturmeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura Hellgraunaturmeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura Naturgraumeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura Beigegraumeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura Mittelgraumeliert
BC Garn Semilla pura Dunkelgraumeliert

Semilla pura

Brand: BC Garn


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BC Garn Semilla pura

Product Information

Material: 100 % Pure Wool
Yardage: 350m/100g
Needle: 5mm mm
Gauge: 18 = 10 cm
Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 400g
hand wash only
Semilla pura is a GOTS certified pure wool in undyed, natural colors. This yarn is a carded yarn which gives it lots of volume with great yardage. The perfect organic all-purpose-yarn. Attention: Felts when washed by machine. Thus perfectly suited for felting as well.
GOTS is a garantie for focus on the environment and sustainability in all stages of the manufacturing process. Demands in relation to e.g. the dying process, handling of waste water and energy usage is monitored on an ongoing basis, along with social and work related aspects of the manufacturing process. The final yarn quality is inspected. GOTS is a world acknowledged environmental branding which only certified distributors may use.

Patterns for this yarn can be found on Ravelry here.

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