Erika Knight

Back to the roots

Born in Britain, with a passion to support indigenous fibres, heritage mills and time-honoured crafts the Erika Knight yarn collection is concise and considered with fibres and colours carefully selected so that you can be confident in choosing a beautiful, quality yarn for whatever you choose to create. When launching the brand in 2012, Erika’s ethos was to keep things simple: to support British manufacturing where possible, to promote sustainable, natural fibres and to celebrate both traditional skills and modern innovation. In 2019 Erika Knight made the decision to focus her creative energy on her passion for design and sustainability, handing over the brand and its distribution to Britta and Carsten Kremke of Selected Yarns. Today, the Erika Knight brand preserves its much loved and quintessentially British aesthetic with designs and colours inspired by the landscape and Erika’s original ethos and passion for natural materials and ethical manufacturing woven into the fibre of each yarn. Nurtured by Britta and Carsten, the yarn collection continues to grow with the new organic Vintage Wool and Big Vintage produced in Turkey in a GOTS certified mill.