Buttons by JIM KNOPF

The cutest button collection in the knitting industry

Ute Holk, the creative mind behind Jim Knopf, founded the company 30 years ago and still manages it with all her heart. Many of her buttons are produced in very remote regions in this world according to her designs and exclusively for JIM KNOPF. Ute knows most of her production facilities and the workers personally and makes sure that her buttons are produced under fair conditions. Can you imagine that most of the JIM KNOPF buttons are handmade? The most special invention by Ute are recycled buttons from crown caps: "During one of my visits on the Philippines I noticed that the crown tips of all those soft drinks sold in the little shops where littered carelessly. So I got the idea to turn them into buttons. We made an agreement with the shop owners that they collect the crown caps for us and an employee of my production site collects these weekly for our crown cap button collection", Ute recalls herself. Unbelievable how many different motivs you can develop from crown caps. Some of them you will find here.