About Yarns 2021

2021: Cocoknits - Clever knitting tools for passionate knitters
Julie Weisenberger, knitting designer and book author, has invented all kinds of stitch markers, stitch stoppers, needle gauge, leather handle kit, tape measure, yarn snip etc.
2021: Cowgirl Blues, hand-dyed hand knitting yarns made in South Africa
Cowgirl Blues, founded by Bridget Henderson, is a small, unique hand knitting yarn brand from Cape Town, South Africa
ADDI Knitting Needles: German quality products
ADDI knitting needles and tools are made in Germany. Which knitting needle is most suitable for which yarn type?
2021/2: Novelties at Manos del Uruguay, hand dyed hand yarns
Alpaca Heather, Cabrito, Alma: these are just some of the hand dyed Manos del Uruguay (Fair Trade Certified) hand knitting yarns
2021/1: Manos del Uruguay - hand dyed hand knitting yarns
Hand-dyed and fair trade: Manos del Uruguay yarns. What is so special about the brand Manos del Uruguay?
2021: Erika Knight yarns presented by distributor Selected Yarns
Erika Knight hand knitting yarns and patterns: The famous fashion and knitting designer, Erika Knight, started developing her own hand knitting yarns more than 10 years ago.
2021/3: BC Garn GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Novelties, Presented by Britta Kremke
Three new GOTS certified yarns: Summer in Kashmir, Semilla GOTS and Semilla Cablé GOTS, presented by Britta Kremke, the "B" in BC Garn.
2021/2: BC Garn, Silks and Summer Yarns, presented by owner Britta Kremke, Selected Yarns
BC Garn is especially known for their interesting silk and summer yarns.
2021/1: BC Garn - History and GOTS certified yarns presented by owner Britta Kremke, Selected Yarns
BC Garn, founded in Denmark, now residing in Germany, is THE brand for organic yarns. Hear their story and some background about the yarns.
2021/1: Kremke Soul Wool: Britta Kremke presents the most unusual handknitting yarns in her range
About paper yarn (Papyrus), Lurex (Stellaris), vegan yarn (Morning Salutation), long colorway yarns (Lazy Lion and Babysilk Lace and Fluffy)
2021/2: Kremke Soul Wool - Recycled yarns presented by Britta Kremke
The new recycled yarns Karma Cotton (recycled Cotton), Reborn Denim (recycled Denim), Reborn Wool and Eco Cashmere.