Sustainability at Inca Tops
Sustainability for INCA TOPS is something natural, genetic, which flows through the veins of the whole INCA GROUP. It starts from the lifestyle of the Alpaca animal...
Traceable Alpaca - Inca Tops
Behind the scenes of the traceable alpaca wool production in Peru
Nomadnoos: Nepalese Yarn Making
Yarn making in Nepal: From spinning, plying, and dying to end production. Sustainable dyeing colours are used and in the end, all left over water goes into a water recycling plant.
Behind the Scenes: Selected Yarns
A sneak peek behind the schenes of yarn distributor Selected Yarns
What is their business and who runs it?
How did it all start?
How to use the Cocoknits Leather Cord and Needle Stitchholder
Learn here how to use the Cocoknits Leather Cord and Needle Stitchholder Kit.
Our Team
Meet the Selected Yarns team!
Unser Team
Lernen Sie unser Team kennen!
Hinter den Kulissen von Schmeichel-Partner
Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des Garn-Herstellers und -Großhandels:
Wer steckt hinter Selected Yarns /Schmeichel-Partner?
Was machen die eigentlich und wer führt das Unternehmen?
Behind the scenes: Cowgirl Blues
How to fill your Cocoknits Accessory Roll
In this video you will get inspirations about how to use the Cocoknits Accessory Roll.
Organic GOTS Wool from Patagonia
A video about the place where our GOTS certified wool is sourced.
Where does our Mohair come from?
Interesting video about our Mohair producer.
50 Years Manos del Uruguay
A very inspiring and informative video about the idea and philosophy of Manos del Uruguay